Why does this f*%ker Valimiki, Aruna Shanbaug’s rapist, get to live a normal life, while she spends her entire life bedridden in a brain dead vegetative state? His offence is not just raping but also attempting a third degree murder!! to cry out loud for god sake! And the courts verdict for this grave barbarous act was just 7 years of jail?? WHY?? While the well wishers are busy pleading for mercy killing, why is the guy who raped her still living a normal life???

For those who don’t know who Aruna Shanbaug is; she was good looking, unfortunate, 25 year old woman, who got raped by a ward boy who strangled her in an attempt to murder her. The strangling cut the oxygen flow to her brain rendering her blind, paralysed and leaving her brain dean and in a vegetative state for 30 ODD YEARS! Today the rapist continues working in a Delhi hospital and living a normal life.

This is just one of the stories that is getting the focus and attention its needs. But there are so many women and little girls and even young boys in our who get molested everyday and yet there is no justice done to the victims. Demanding capital punishment for rape will not help them overcome the trauma but will certainly help instil fear in the predators who are either planning to or randomly molest the young children and women.

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The 13 year old girl ofcourse is traumatized, imagine the plight of a father, and the immediate family members, read more…

Medical Student in Delhi

Am I the only person enraged??

By joining this cause you will show your support in passing this law in the country. This will help discourage all the perverts from doing any acts of harassing women/children. Help us the word to get as many propagators to help expedite sanctioning of this law.

Get Started…..if not now, then when?


Yesterday I returned home early from work and thought of taking Yuva out to the park or something. We normally go to the Park Gymkhana in the evenings since he meets his school friends there. Since its only for members very few kids come there.

For some reason his friends had not turned up. He got bored and wanted to go some place else. We went walking to the beachside play park, which is a public park. It was 7.30 in the evening, the place was poorly lit and crowded. He dint know where to start, every slide, sea-saw, swing, ladder was full. After a few turns on couple of slides he finally set a trend. He would take a slide, get off that, come around the ladder on the backside for the slide and start all over again. He set a predictable trend, so I stood at a spot where I could keep an eye on the ladder and the end of the slide as well and watched him do the repeat action.

He got down the slide and I saw him come towards me, to climb up the ladder at the other end. As he came closer I realised it was not him! Was another child wearing the same green t-shirt! I took a few steps to check the end of the slide or if he was there still on the slide or if he went the other side or… I dint know what to do… I was clueless! Dont tell me he is lost… I thought to myself. My eyes were constantly eyeballing at each and every child around the park, my heart started pumping faster and I started to sweat… I pulled out my mobile phone to call my husband at the same time I wanted to run to the gaurd standing at the gate and tell him if he saw a child wearing a green T-shirt, pls stop him.

But then I stopped myself trying to convince myself thinking he must be around, its just half a minute or so that I have not seen him.

I tried to cool down myself and started looking at all the places he would possibly go.

I walked towards the swings, the Sea-Saws, and the looked at the ends of the tunnel for Yuva to come out from… and turned to go the sand pit… and….. there he was….right behind me…..I found him!

Phew!!!! I hugged him and FIRED him!!! I know it was not his fault. I probably need to tell him that he would get lost like this if he wandered off without telling me…

I thanked god…. and prayed that it doesnt happen to me again. Can’t imagine what pain the parents would be feeling whose children have gone missing…….

Books of more than 10 pages would turn me off…., I am not a book fan or reading fan, especially the fiction novels. I rather go watch a movie and finish the damn story in 3 hours. I have never been faithful any book that has been thick with hundreds of pages, but havent missed out the Chicken Soup for the Soul, Who moved my Cheese, Short Histories of Everything, Power of Subconscious Mind and books that are giving me some direction to think and become a different person everytime a finished reading them. But NEVER the books that are some writers fantasy….

To this day I am constantly reminded of what I was missing out in life by the reading freaks….., yeah thats what I call them. My mom in law is read freak. She would not go off to sleep until she read The Times of India, The Mumbai Mirror, The Bombay Times, Loksatta and the small booklets that comes with it. She quite dislikes the fact that I dont read and just to prove it to her that her son has not really made such a bad choice, I have started reading. I started with the newspapers. What, newspapers are not so bad… yea, you get to read the same news you saw the previous night on TV. But I have more details than those who only sit in front of the idiot box!

I am currently reading ‘The White Tiger’ by Aravind Adiga. He has brought about the perspective of the poor people who make 2-3K per month, dont keep a penny for themselves and send all of it to their relatives in their village who either have little or no source of income(he refers poverty with the word ‘Darkness’). Will not talk about the book anymore…. but is worth a read.

I few days ago I discovered a shop near my office where you get good western/party wear and loads of good stuff. After I finished my buying, this owner of the shop asked me If read books and if I would like to read any from his collection. I dint want to tell him, no i dont read books! So i picked up this book ‘the White Tiger’. I am so glued to this book, I am actually reading each word and page of it…and am completely loyal to it!

Do catch it if you get a chance or take it from me… I can return it after a month!

After you sign out of your hotmail account, you land on the MSN portal. The video section had a post ‘Bwood stars encourage people to vote‘, which takes you to a page where you are forced to see some commericals and a message saying ‘Your video will begin right after this message’. I did not have the patience to wait till the commercials got over or the video to get started and I closed the window.

The same day I recieved a mail saying about 1200 odd NGOs have come together to start an awareness programme for the voters pointing out the criminals nominated by various parties for elections. Its a great step taken by these guys and hope it brings about the much needed change in the filteration process for the candidature. Moreso, our so called responsible, entusiastic bollywood asking the Janta to vote should be pointing out the criminals standing for elections publicly so people know who NOT to vote if they ever decide to vote.

Hope atleast one of the bollywood voting promoter reads this thought to help people elect the right candidate and not just step out and vote anybody for the sake of voting.

Working Sunday

Its officially a non-working Saturday and it turns out that we will need to be in office even tomorrow. We are working on a website for a new general entertainment TV channel that will be launching on 2nd March, Monday. Hence before we go live we will need to make sure the website functions well.

Its not a very happy feeling to be working on a sunday, but looking at the global recession and the rate of retrenchment happening in the IT industry, its better to work extra than to to be rendered jobless. At least we have our jobs! thats the good side of it, not only that we get paid every month!! Am just trying to imply that my company is going great guns and I am glad to be a part of it.

But coming back to the working Sunday, this is the second sunday I have worked in my entire life and its not going to be a fun day. I just hate to see myself work on a rightful holiday. I am a mother of a 4 year old and hate to leave for work when he, in his soft voice tells me, Mummy please dont go….. Thats when I tell him, sorry baby, I have to go to office today else my boss will be very upset….

Will keep my fingers crossed…..

A mind blowing experience!

When we walk into a theatre to watch a hindi film, what is it that we are thinking?

Nothing… and what are we thinking when we are done watching it… nothing perhaps!

Thank god for giving people like Anurag Kashyap to our hindi film industry and to support this super talented guy he was fortunate to have people like Amit Trivedi and Abhay Deol working for him. This film is packed with superb direction, editing, music, choreography, lighting, art direction, and every other thing that would make a movie click!

Well it also did remind me of some old time movies like trainspotting and clockwork orange. Trainspotting character was this addict who gets drawn to drugs due to bad company; that’s why this character is easily comparable to Devdas who is drawn to addiction because of his ego and wouldn’t even spare his childhood sweetheart just to keep his ego intact. On the other hand, Chanda is comparable to the clock work orange characters of French theatre which explains the sets, costumes, mannerisms etc.

This is a ground breaking film in the hindi cinema and darn good job of Indianising the whole context of love, ego, addiction….tied up with Devdas

Not much to my surprise after writing this down, I discovered why he thanked Danny Boyle in the beginning!

I am not a great tennis follower but for some reason I am a big fan of Roger Federer. Actually the question should be, ‘What does it feel like moving to No.2 from being No.1 for a looooooog time?’ Obviously it doesn’t feel very good after all…

Yesterday I was forced to watch the match between the legend and the wanna be legend and it indeed was phenomenal experience. During the trophy presentation the chief/announcer called Roger the No.2 player of the grand slam, Roger just smiled, and am sure everyone could see how badly he was hurt. He kept a brave front all the while and collected his trophy. I could see the expression on his face and how heart-broken he was.

Then we was handed over the mic to talk and thats when his fans would just not stop yelling out to cheer him up and show the support and they were empathising with him which Roger is just not used to and broke down….

I could not stop the tear rolling down my cheeks and was trying hard to hide it, did not want my husband to know about it. But he did and was not very shocked.

He was then asked to compose himself and talk later and Raphael was called to collect his trophy. He walks in and the first thing he did was hug Roger. http://www.rogerfederer.com/en/index.cfm. The No.1 player called Roger the No.1 Player in the world… which showed the amount of respect he had for him.

In my fan list Roger will always be No.1 player, no matter what.