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What to expect from Dev D?

A mind blowing experience!

When we walk into a theatre to watch a hindi film, what is it that we are thinking?

Nothing… and what are we thinking when we are done watching it… nothing perhaps!

Thank god for giving people like Anurag Kashyap to our hindi film industry and to support this super talented guy he was fortunate to have people like Amit Trivedi and Abhay Deol working for him. This film is packed with superb direction, editing, music, choreography, lighting, art direction, and every other thing that would make a movie click!

Well it also did remind me of some old time movies like trainspotting and clockwork orange. Trainspotting character was this addict who gets drawn to drugs due to bad company; that’s why this character is easily comparable to Devdas who is drawn to addiction because of his ego and wouldn’t even spare his childhood sweetheart just to keep his ego intact. On the other hand, Chanda is comparable to the clock work orange characters of French theatre which explains the sets, costumes, mannerisms etc.

This is a ground breaking film in the hindi cinema and darn good job of Indianising the whole context of love, ego, addiction….tied up with Devdas

Not much to my surprise after writing this down, I discovered why he thanked Danny Boyle in the beginning!


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