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Get a fresh red tomoto, chop off the top and scoop out the seeds to make room for some yummy stuffing. For the stuffing, dice some lovely red, yellow, green capsicum and onion. Grate some cheese and set aside. Stuff all the veggies in the tomatoes and put the last layer of cheese. Take a kadai and heat some some good amount of oil (This recipie not for cholestrol patients!). Drop the tomatoes gently and deep fry on low flame.

By now you must have figured I can cook and am a foodie. And if you have read so far I will assume you are interested and will read on…:)

I am talking about myself, got picked at 21, by Raj, got married at 25.

When a girl gets married she typically looses touch with old friends and people etc…. to make room for a new life (not all girls but some like me but facebook is a boon). My life got stuffed with lot of goodies, new family members, great husband and a darling boy who is now 4 and am doing great on the career front.

Getting simmered on a low flame and will be ready soon. It doesnt take a long time for the tomatoes to cook, but you dont want to take them out half done…


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