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Yesterday I returned home early from work and thought of taking Yuva out to the park or something. We normally go to the Park Gymkhana in the evenings since he meets his school friends there. Since its only for members very few kids come there.

For some reason his friends had not turned up. He got bored and wanted to go some place else. We went walking to the beachside play park, which is a public park. It was 7.30 in the evening, the place was poorly lit and crowded. He dint know where to start, every slide, sea-saw, swing, ladder was full. After a few turns on couple of slides he finally set a trend. He would take a slide, get off that, come around the ladder on the backside for the slide and start all over again. He set a predictable trend, so I stood at a spot where I could keep an eye on the ladder and the end of the slide as well and watched him do the repeat action.

He got down the slide and I saw him come towards me, to climb up the ladder at the other end. As he came closer I realised it was not him! Was another child wearing the same green t-shirt! I took a few steps to check the end of the slide or if he was there still on the slide or if he went the other side or… I dint know what to do… I was clueless! Dont tell me he is lost… I thought to myself. My eyes were constantly eyeballing at each and every child around the park, my heart started pumping faster and I started to sweat… I pulled out my mobile phone to call my husband at the same time I wanted to run to the gaurd standing at the gate and tell him if he saw a child wearing a green T-shirt, pls stop him.

But then I stopped myself trying to convince myself thinking he must be around, its just half a minute or so that I have not seen him.

I tried to cool down myself and started looking at all the places he would possibly go.

I walked towards the swings, the Sea-Saws, and the looked at the ends of the tunnel for Yuva to come out from… and turned to go the sand pit… and….. there he was….right behind me…..I found him!

Phew!!!! I hugged him and FIRED him!!! I know it was not his fault. I probably need to tell him that he would get lost like this if he wandered off without telling me…

I thanked god…. and prayed that it doesnt happen to me again. Can’t imagine what pain the parents would be feeling whose children have gone missing…….


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