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Why does this f*%ker Valimiki, Aruna Shanbaug’s rapist, get to live a normal life, while she spends her entire life bedridden in a brain dead vegetative state? His offence is not just raping but also attempting a third degree murder!! to cry out loud for god sake! And the courts verdict for this grave barbarous act was just 7 years of jail?? WHY?? While the well wishers are busy pleading for mercy killing, why is the guy who raped her still living a normal life???

For those who don’t know who Aruna Shanbaug is; she was good looking, unfortunate, 25 year old woman, who got raped by a ward boy who strangled her in an attempt to murder her. The strangling cut the oxygen flow to her brain rendering her blind, paralysed and leaving her brain dean and in a vegetative state for 30 ODD YEARS! Today the rapist continues working in a Delhi hospital and living a normal life.

This is just one of the stories that is getting the focus and attention its needs. But there are so many women and little girls and even young boys in our who get molested everyday and yet there is no justice done to the victims. Demanding capital punishment for rape will not help them overcome the trauma but will certainly help instil fear in the predators who are either planning to or randomly molest the young children and women.

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Medical Student in Delhi

Am I the only person enraged??

By joining this cause you will show your support in passing this law in the country. This will help discourage all the perverts from doing any acts of harassing women/children. Help us the word to get as many propagators to help expedite sanctioning of this law.

Get Started…..if not now, then when?


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