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After you sign out of your hotmail account, you land on the MSN portal. The video section had a post ‘Bwood stars encourage people to vote‘, which takes you to a page where you are forced to see some commericals and a message saying ‘Your video will begin right after this message’. I did not have the patience to wait till the commercials got over or the video to get started and I closed the window.

The same day I recieved a mail saying about 1200 odd NGOs have come together to start an awareness programme for the voters pointing out the criminals nominated by various parties for elections. Its a great step taken by these guys and hope it brings about the much needed change in the filteration process for the candidature. Moreso, our so called responsible, entusiastic bollywood asking the Janta to vote should be pointing out the criminals standing for elections publicly so people know who NOT to vote if they ever decide to vote.

Hope atleast one of the bollywood voting promoter reads this thought to help people elect the right candidate and not just step out and vote anybody for the sake of voting.


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